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При регулировке потенциометра SCREEN на FBT - индикатор менят либо положение курсора графики процесса либо дополнительно меняется цвет графики. Правильное значение будет подтверждаться наглядно. Для конкретного процессора, шасси, смотрите соответсвующую... [j-nsp] Force reset of routing engine from its peer request chassis cb slot 0 offline request chassis cb slot 0 online. Steinar Haug, Nethelp consulting, ***@nethelp.noSteinar's command re: kill all power to CB0 should do the same thing, but takes down the fabric board as well. - Ck. Post by Tom Eichhorn Hi, I was just wondering, is there a way to force... HP SN8000B 8-Slot SAN Backbone Director | Chassis slots Powering off the SN8000B 8-Slot SAN Director. Chassis slots.Dual CP blades that enable hot, nondisruptive, fast firmware upgrades • Each CP blade contains one serial port and two Ethernet ports for management and for service • Offline CP blade diagnostics and remote diagnostics to simplify...

request chassis cb offline slot 1.тут же нет cb.

user@host> request chassis pcg slot offline. Information currently on the craft display.user@sheep> show chassis craft-interface Red alarm: LED off, relay off Yellow alarm: LED on, relay on Host OK LED: On Host fail LED: Off FPCs 0 1 2 3 - Green . * 3troubleshootingjunos - Стр 21 Работа по теме: 3troubleshootingjunos. ВУЗ: МГУПС МИИТ. Страница 21. Читать Инструкция по эксплуатации VXI CT-100C Series… Если у вас отсутствует техническая возможность для скачивания Инструкция по эксплуатации для VXI CT-100C Series Six- Slot VXIBusвы можете прочесть документ прямо на нашем сайте или Скачать VXI CT-100C Series Six- Slot VXIBus Chassis Инструкция по эксплуатации.

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Mailing List Archive: MX80 MIC won't come online PIC 1 Online 10x 1GE(LAN) SFP PIC 2 Offline PIC 3 Offline There are also log entries for FRU insertion. When we try to online to card we get: user@box> request chassis mic fpc-slot 1 mic-slot 1 online FPC 1, MIC 1 is empty We tried the new MIC in another MX80 and it comes up fine. Any suggestions other than a bad slot? Thanks, Serge

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request chassis cb (offline | online) request chassis cb offline slot 1. Juniper Networks - Instructions to Offline/Online MX Fabric Plane and ... Mar 30, 2012 ... user@host> request chassis fabric plane offline 1. Offline initiated .... Step 5. Offline the SCB with the command: request chassis cb slot offline. request chassis cb - TechLibrary - Juniper Networks Control the operation (take the CB offline or bring online) of the Control Board ( CB). ... user@host> request chassis cb offline slot 1. content_copy ... Juniper Networks - How to remotely power cycle a backup RE that is in ...

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Juniper SRX系列防火墙日常监控命令_百度文库 ... show chassis environment cb user@ ... user@host>request chassis fpc slot slot-number offline user ... request routing-engine login node 1 ... request chassis cb - TechLibrary - Juniper Networks CLI Command. EX9253,QFabric System,MX Series,T Series,EX8200,M320,M120,PTX Series. (M120, M320, and MX Series routers and T Series routers, QFabric systems, and EX8200 switches only) Control the operation of the Control Board (CB). Juniper Networks - Instructions to Offline/Online MX ... user@host> request chassis fabric plane offline 1 Offline initiated, use "show chassis fabric plane" to verify. Verify if the plane is offlined, by running the 'show chassis fabric summary' command again: user@host> show chassis fabric summary Plane State Uptime 0 Online 3 hours, 7 minutes, 9 seconds 1 Offline request chassis cb - TechLibrary - Juniper Networks