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Design of microstrip-fed printed UWB diversity antenna

(PDF) Four Ports Wideband Pattern Diversity MIMO Antenna PDF | In this paper a broadband four ports MIMO antenna with pattern diversity is presented. To obtain pattern diversity, four microstrip feeding lines are printed on one side of the substrate DESIGN OF RECONFIGURABLE ANNULAR SLOT ANTENNA … Figure 7: Radiation patterns of annular slots when n=0 and W s<< The annular slot antenna consists of a circular slot on a square, metal ground plane that is fed by a microstrip line, designed on the bottom of the Duroid substrate. The

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Compact UWB-MIMO antenna with metamaterial FSS decoupling ... In this paper, an UWB-MIMO antenna with frequency selective surface (FSS) decoupling structure is proposed. To realize antenna system miniaturization and integration, silicon material is applied as substrate. The proposed antenna becomes a very compact construction with dimension of 38.2 × 26.6 × 0.4 mm. The proposed broadband FSS unit consists of four split rectangles and one I-shaped strip. Broadband annular slot antenna with polarization diversity ... This paper proposes a solution to control the polarisation of the ASA independently from the feeding point position. It also allows an easier impedance matching of the antenna, and thus compact size and broadband behaviour. The concept of a polarization diversity antenna, based on this antenna solution, is then proposed TANGENTIALLY FED BROADBAND ANNULAR SLOT ANTENNA FOR WLAN ... TANGENTIALLY FED BROADBAND ANNULAR SLOT ANTENNA FOR WLAN APPLICATIONS Philippe Minard, Ali Louzir ... Radiation patterns of the single ASA antenna have been measured in both E and H planes and are ... A. Louzir, “A new wide frequency band feeding technique of Annular Slot Antenna”, Antenna and Propagation Society International Symposium ... Miguel Ferrando Bataller – ITEAM

plane radiation patterns of antenna drawn at two resonance frequencies are shown in Figure 3, which indicates that the patch antenna produces a cardioid pattern along the bore sight.Figure 13: Elevation radiation pattern for proposed antenna with annular slot having air gap.

In this report, a compact antenna system with dual-band-notched characteristics is proposed for ultra-wideband (UWB) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) applications. Two antenna elements are placed side by side and fed with matched microstrip lines on a substrate with an area of 35 × 30 mm 2. Notched characteristics at WiMAX (3.4–3.6 GHz ... UWB MIMO Antenna with Band-Notched Characteristic ... — A multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) band-notched antenna with a compact size of only 22 × 36 mm 2 is proposed for ultra wideband (UWB) applications. The antenna consists of two square monopole-antenna elements, a T-shaped ground stub, a A Broadband Pattern Diversity Annular Slot Antenna Title: A Broadband Pattern Diversity Annular Slot Antenna: Authors: Gallo, Michele; Antonino-Daviu, Eva; Ferrando-Bataller, Miguel; Bozzetti, Michele; Molina-Garcia ...

Two antenna elements are placed side by side and fed with matched microstrip lines on a substrate with an area of 35 × 30 mm 2. Notched characteristics at WiMAX (3.4–3.6 GHz) and WLAN (5.725–5.825 GHz) have been achieved using complementary split ring resonator (SRR) slots etched in both the antenna elements.

A Design of U-shaped Slot Antenna with Broadband ... - IEEE… Abstract –The design of a broadband printed slot antenna is reported here.Abstract—A center-fed circular patch antenna with shorting vias and a coupled annular ring is proposed.polarization diversity in many different communication systems. Many articles have made study of... CPW Fed Monopole Antenna for Future UWB Diversity… Antenna diversity is an effective solution to mitigate multipath fading signals and enhance the system capacity. Several types of diversity such as spatial/space, pattern, and polarization diversity have been proposed and implemented to simultaneo- usly receive multiple transmissions.

Dual-band-notched antenna for UWB MIMO applications

Biology, Geography & Health Research: Chapter 64158 Chapter 64158 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences. APS/URSI 2017 | 2017 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas 4× 2-SLOT Element FOR 30-GHZ Planar Array Antenna Realized Using SIW Cavity AND FED BY Microstrip LINE LINE-Ridge GAP Waveguide US3623114A - Conical reflector antenna - Google Patents

A CPW-fed microstrip monopole antenna which is conformal to a conical surface is presented in this paper. It has a simple structure printed on a substrate with dielectric constant of 2.55 and thickness of 0.2mm.